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Make your logs anonymous

Anonip replaces all IP addresses in a text file with a seemingly random one in a intelligent way. It is intended to anonymise the sensitive IP data in a file so that this file can be distributed without exposing one to security or privacy risks.

It is based on David Stott's extension of Cryptopan. From Cryptopan it inherits the following features:

  • One-to-one The mapping from original IP addresses to anonymized IP addresses is one-to-one.
  • Prefix-preserving In Cyrpto-PAn, the IP address anonymisation is prefix-preserving. That is, if two original IP addresses share a k-bit prefix, their anonymised mappings will also share a k-bit prefix.
  • Consistent across traces Crypto-PAn allows multiple traces to be sanitized in a consistent way, over time and across locations.  That is, the same IP address in different traces is anonymised to the same address, even though the traces might be sanitized separately at different time and/or at different locations.
  • Cryptography-based To sanitize traces, trace owners provide Crypto-PAn a secret key.  Anonymisation consistency across multiple traces is achieved by the use of the same key.  The construction of Crypto-PAn preserves the secrecy of the key and the (pseudo)randomness of the mapping from an original IP address to its anonymised counterpart.

This is just another quicky, for a real anonymiser of network data check out PktAnon.

I wrote this tool so I could easily publish results created by conchart.

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